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7 Motivational Magazines That'll Make You Feel Good ...

By Corina

Nowadays there are a lot of amazing, inspiring and motivational magazines that will excite you and encourage you to follow all your dreams, no matter how impossible they might seem sometimes. Also, the digital age has facilitated the access of online and digital versions of your favorite printed magazines, so now you can enjoy reading your favorite articles on your smartphone, iPad or even on your computer. These magazines will offer you a lot of inspiring and eye-opening perspectives on the world and they will motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Here are 7 motivational magazines that will make you feel good:


Of course, in my opinion, AllWomenStalk is the most inspirational magazine out there. It has tons of helpful advice on love, relationships, personal development, job search, money but also a lot of beauty tips, fitness and workout suggestions, fashion articles, hairstyle and outfit suggestions, fabulous makeup tips and even tasty recipes. You can find everything you need, even music, books and movies.

2 Success Magazine

Success magazine is another title that you shouldn’t miss. Their mission is to help people develop new skills so they can stay relevant and sustain their lifestyles. In every issue of this magazine, they are trying to bring you the true leaders and success experts that will reveal their strategies and their key ideas that will help you succeed in your field.

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3 The Optimist

They define themselves as “an independent media initiative focused on solutions and possibility.” They are trying to reach people who are fed up with all that negativity the news promotes these days and they offer a positive take on everything. They know that for every problem there is at least the beginning of a solution. They also know that the world is not perfect, but each act can make it a little more beautiful.

4 O, the Oprah Magazine

Who hasn’t heard of this fabulous magazine or who hasn’t read it yet? I’m a big fan of those inspiring articles since they offer me plenty of helpful suggestions that help me in daily life. Oprah is a role model for a lot of beautiful, strong and independent women out there, so make sure you check out her magazine too, since it really is an infinite source of inspiration.

5 Shape Magazine

This is another wonderful and inspiring magazine that you can find both in print and in an online edition. It’s packed with great advice on getting in shape, diet and exercise. It has plenty of workout tips and you can find love and relationship articles that will help you enrich your love life too.

6 Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine is such a big inspiration for a lot of women. You can find a lot of healthy lunch recipes, skincare and diet tips, a ton of workout songs suggestions and, of course, some amazing workout tips and tricks that will maximize the efficiency of your workouts and that will help you look gorgeous in no time.

7 Entrepreneur Magazine

This wonderful and inspirational magazine offers advice and insight for every aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner. You can find tons of great tips on personal growth. They will also tell you what things you need to do to achieve success in your career and they will help you become the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life.

There are a lot of wonderful and motivational magazines around the world. I just mentioned a few in this little article, but I’m sure that there are a lot more I could include in this list. What motivational magazines do you read? Do tell!


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