7 Magazines to Subscribe to in 2014 ...


It's a sad but true fact that many women's magazines are going out of print due to digital competitors, but with plenty of magazines to subscribe to no matter what your interests, there's no excuse! In the UK, 'More!' magazine recently went under (one of my favorites growing up), which has inspired me to write this post. Here are some magazines to subscribe to in 2014; there's sure to be something that takes your fancy in this list.

1. Cosmopolitan


It had to make number one of the magazines to subscribe to - it's probably the best known magazine for women on the planet. There's something so exciting about glossy pages filled with fashion and beauty; reading online just doesn't have the same appeal. So subscribe to Cosmo this year and get your issues delivered direct to your doorstep - perfect for when you get home from work.

British Journal of Photography
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