4. Fearless by Arianna Huffington

Are you a fan of the Huffington Post, the amazingly successful online newspaper hosted by AOL? I know I sure am! Did you also know it was created by a woman? Arianna Huffington is one of the most inspirational women to me, for many reasons. As an aspiring writer, journalist and online writer and publisher, I turned to Huffington in so many ways to seek inspiration to pursue my dream. Arianna’s book, Fearless, is one of the best books for women in a job rut to read, no matter what area of work you’re looking to pursue. Fearless is also a fabulous book to read if you have no idea what career you want to work in someday, or where to start to find it. Fearless is about inspiring growth in your entire life, not just your career. If you’ve ever struggled with fear or a low self esteem on any issue, this book is for you!

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