5. Never Give up

The most important thing an aspiring author should know is that rejection is a fact of life. It only takes one β€œyes” to get that book deal, but that path to β€œyes” can be fraught with a thousand β€œno’s”. You just need to know that a rejection is never personal. It does NOT mean you are a bad writer. There are tons of reasons you may be rejected.

The genre you chose may be too over saturated at the moment, the agent or publisher just doesn’t have the time to devote to new writers, or your story just simply wasn’t what they were looking for. Don’t let rejection deter you. You never know which publisher or literary agent is looking for a book exactly like yours. Remember, even Stephen King was rejected when he started out!

The road to publishing can be rocky, and at times you may feel like throwing in the towel. Just know that if you truly believe in your story and have worked hard on it, you will eventually get that coveted acceptance letter!

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