4. Get Comfortable with the Submission Process

The modern literary age is a far cry from the days of sending a hardcopy of your query letter through the mail and waiting weeks or months for a response. Now itโ€™s a much quicker, easier process to communicate with publishers and literary agents. There are multiple online data bases containing contact information for reputable agencies and publishers, and you can pick up a copy of "The Writerโ€™s Market" at any bookstore. "The Writerโ€™s Market" books are a great resource for aspiring writers.

They contain helpful writing information along with contact listings for publishers and literary agents. Whatโ€™s more, under each listing, there is a key informing you of what each agent or publisher is looking for. This lets you tailor your search, and ensures you are only sending your material to the agents that will find it the most intriguing. Also, familiarize yourself with the difference between literary agents and publishers. Today, many writers find having an agent to be a helpful middle man between the writer and a publisher. These agents work on the writerโ€™s behalf to get them the best possible deal for a portion of the earnings. Many big-name publishing houses will only accept submissions from writers that have agents.

Never Give up
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