35 Fun, Funky, and Insanely Clever 🙃 Ways to Display Books 📚 for Girls Who Love Their Collection 📕📗 ...

If you're a book lover, you're probably always looking for ways to store your books. Most bibliophiles probably have more books than space. Here are some ways to store books you might not have thought of:

1. Display Your Book Collection under the Stairs

2. Create a Shape from Different Sized Cubes

3. Recycle Old Dresser Drawers

4. Get an Industrial Look with an Old Clamp

5. Put Them on Floating Shelves

6. Another Way to Display Your Book Collection under the Stairs

7. Convert an Old Door

Tutorial here: craftaholicsanonymous.net

8. Book Slings

9. A Book Lover's Christmas Tree

10. Put Cookbooks into an Antique Basket

11. Pack Them into Vintage Luggage

12. Display Them in an Old Bird Cage

13. Store Them under a Glass Cloche

14. Hang Them up

Source: Cool And Unique Bookshelves Designs

15. Display Them on Your Fireplace Mantle

16. Stack and Use as a Side Table

17. Give Them a Home in an Unused Fireplace

18. Map Them out

19. Stack Crates, Stack Books

20. Find a New Use for Industrial Pipe

21. Combine Your Love of Nature and Books

22. Recycle a Grand Piano

Tutorial here: instructables.com

23. Display Them on an Old Step Ladder

24. Convert a Fridge into a Bookcase

Tutorial here: instructables.com

25. Add Ikea Spice Racks to a Dresser

26. Belt up

27. You Need a Cable Spool and Some Ikea Castors

Tutorial here: smalltowncraftfair.blogspot.com

28. Find a New Use for a Kid's Cart

29. Repurpose an Old Wooden Ladder

30. Another Way to Use an Old Door

31. Build Book Storage into a Window Seat

Tutorial here: shelterness.com

32. Store Them at the End of Your Bed

33. Find a New Use for Your Old Skateboard

34. Stack Them on Your Stairs

35. Turn Them into a Bed Base