7 Dark Grimm's Fairytales That Will Shock You ...


Some Grimm's fairytales that became Disney movies had pretty dark twists. For example, the Evil Queen in "Snow White" was punished for mistreating Snow by being forced to dance in a pair of hot iron shoes until she died. This was Snow White's wedding entertainment. This part of the story was easily altered for the Disney movie, but there are some Grimm's fairytales that are so twisted that it's hard to imagine Disney touching them with a ten-foot pole. Here's a look at a few of them:

1. The Three-Snake Leaves

There are some princesses in Grimm's fairytales who definitely don't deserve their own Disney movies. In this story, a morbid princess will only marry a man who will agree to be buried with her if she dies first. Of course the princess dies first after she finds someone crazy enough to marry her, but while her husband is trapped inside her tomb, he discovers a way to bring his wife back to life using three magic leaves. Unfortunately, the princess stops loving her husband when she comes back from the grave, and she falls in lust with the skipper of a ship. She convinces the skipper to help her kill her husband while he sleeps by throwing him in the water, but the man's servant uses the three-snake leaves to bring him back to life after he drowns. The princess's father is later told about what she did, and the king sentences her and the skipper to death by sending them out to the sea in a ship full of holes.

Fitcher's Bird
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