8 Cute Craft Books ...


8 Cute Craft Books ...
8 Cute Craft Books ...

The craft revolution is in full swing and there’s a raft of cute craft books out there to help you become a DIY master. If you ever wanted to learn how to make your own clothes or some cute decorations for the home, then it’s just few step-by-step instructions away with the aid of a craft book. With a younger generation embracing all things crafty, the books you’ll find these days are more innovative and quirky. Move over Martha Stewart, these cute craft books are going to give you a run for your money!

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Make Hey While the Sun Shines by Pip Lincolne

Make Hey While the Sun Shines by Pip Lincolne Cute craft books are perfect for those who want off beat projects. This book by Pip Lincolne is described as being “eclectic, bright, and whimsical.” It features 25 projects and recipes, from bike seat covers to monkey-shaped backpacks. The book also helps out with lots of practical information like a how-to section and a glossary of craft terms.


Find & Keep by Beci Orpin

Find & Keep by Beci Orpin This book by Beci Orpin features 25 cute and quirky craft projects. Whether you want to get crafty with clothes or home decorations, this book will provide plenty of inspiration for you to do so. The book is also filled with lots of bright and colourful photography which is always a bonus.


Hello Sandwich by Ebony Bizys

Hello Sandwich by Ebony Bizys This craft book is written by an Australian living in Japan, Ebony Bizys. This Japanese craft book features 40 nifty projects covering paper craft, fabric craft, and upcycling projects. While the text is in Japanese, the cute as a button design and step-by-step pictures in this book more than make up for it. You’ll be whipping up super kawaii (cute) projects in no time!


Craft-a-day by Sarah Goldschadt

Craft-a-day by Sarah Goldschadt If you’re after simple and easy craft projects, then this book by Sarah Goldschadt should be right up your alley. It features a range of crafty projects with different themes. The book contains plenty of handy patterns, photos, and how-to guides. You’ll definitely be inspired to get crafty on a daily basis after flipping through this book.


State of Craft by Victoria Woodcock

State of Craft by Victoria Woodcock Learn how to make anything from clock-shaped cushions to cute pom pom accessories with this book by Victoria Woodcock. No matter what project you choose, you’ll be provided with illustrated step-by-step instructions. The book also features interviews and contributions from other crafting personalities.


Meet Me at Mike’s by Pip Lincolne

Meet Me at Mike’s by Pip Lincolne This is the second book on the list for the crafty Pip Lincolne. ‘Meet Me at Mike’s’ contains 26 crafty projects from vintage clutches to baby yoga pants. The book comes with easy to follow instructions, full size patterns, and templates. It’ll have you sewing, knitting, and screen printing in no time at all!


Recycled Home by Rebecca Proctor

Recycled Home by Rebecca Proctor This book is for all the home decorators out there. It features 50 projects designed for the home. The catch? They all involve using discarded or re-purposed materials. Some projects can be achieved in a few others while others might take a whole weekend. Either way, they’ll be accompanied by step-by-step illustrated guides.


Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale This is another book inspired by Japanese craft. This book contains 24 projects that will have you making anything from picture frames to tote bags. Each project comes with detailed instructions and are illustrated with diagrams and close-up photographs.

These are just a few cute and quirky craft books worth checking out. They’ll have you DIY-ing like a pro in no time at all! Do you have any craft books you’d like to recommend?

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