7. Creation Myth from Zimbabwe

The Creation myth from Zimbabwe is called Life from Moon and the Stars. It begins with God sending a man, Moon, down to earth. Quickly, Moon became lonely and God sent a woman, Morningstar, down to earth as well. Moon and Morningstar created the grasses and trees, and they lived in paradise. However, after two years Morningstar died and Moon became lonely again. This time, God sent another woman named Evening Star. Moon and Evening Star created the animals and the descendants of man.

Eventually, Evening Star became angry with Moon because he was unfaithful to her. Her anger resulted in Moon being overthrown as king and having his body thrown into the ocean. He rose from the ocean to the sky to find Morningstar and recapture paradise.

As you can see, the creation myths are as varied as the cultures they come from. Yet, despite the differences, there are similarities, including a common theme of darkness and light. Reading different creation myths provides a lot of insight into different cultures, and it is also interesting because the creation myths are so fascinating. What other creation stories have you heard?

Source: gly.uga.edu

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