7 Cool Reasons to Hang out at the Library ...

The library is quiet and calm, which is one of my top reasons to hang out at the library anytime I can. However, there are several perks to spending time at your local library that you might not be aware of. If you’re looking for a new experience and can’t come up with something, check out these reasons to hang out at the library, and you’ll be a convert in no time.

1. Free Books

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Buying books can add up quickly, and you’re only going to read them once, right? Instead of shelling out for new tomes every week, consider going to the library. You can check out any book you want for free and you always get a couple of weeks to read it. Once you return it, check out more without ever having to spend a dime. This is my favorite of the many reasons to hang out at the library.

2. Free Wi-Fi

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Most libraries offer free computer usage and have free wi-fi, if you prefer to bring your own laptop with you. You can browse the catalog, play games, do research, check your email or shop online while sitting in a cozy couch where it’s quiet and comfortable. Some libraries require computer reservations and you do have a time limit, but if you bring your own laptop, you can use the free wireless as long as the library is open.

3. Read the Newspaper

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If you can’t afford your own paper subscription, head to the library to read the latest news for free. Not only that but you can sit in a comfortable chair and really concentrate since there isn't a bunch of kids running around screaming or roommates and spouses asking you to get stuff done. Many libraries also have magazines you can read and check out so you don’t have to buy subscriptions to all your favorites.

4. Homework and Tax Help

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Whether you’re still in college, have kids with homework you can’t decipher or it’s time to file your taxes, the library has professionals on hand who can help, often for no cost. Next time you’re stumped, take your materials to the library and get some help. In no time, you’ll be done and you can browse the shelves for a book to read with all your free time. It’s great for your kids too!

5. Free Events

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The library in my town often shows popular movies for free. There are nights for adults, teens and kids so everyone gets a turn. Many branches also do free craft seminars where you can learn to make something new for free or a small fee. Many libraries also feature reading clubs, author talks and used book sales. Save yourself some dough by checking these events out next time you need something to do.

6. StoryTime

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If you have kids, free storytime at the library is a great way to pass some time while doing something fun. Take your little ones down to hear some fun stories in the morning when the older kids are at school. The library will be quiet and empty and you can enjoy hearing some stories, doing simple crafts and picking out fun books to take home and read.

7. Art Shows

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If you love hitting up local art galleries, check out the main branch of your local library. There are often great art exhibits courtesy of local artists. You can often see paintings, sculpture or quilts hanging on the walls. Some are even available for sale. What a great way to support your community without having to compete at a popular gallery.

Why do you go to the library? I wish I had more time to read, but I love going to the library for the latest and greatest books.

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