7 Books to Put on Your 2014 Summer Reading List ...


Making your 2014 summer reading list is a lot of fun. Everyone needs a stack of good books to read while they soak up some sun, whether on the beach or their own patio. Summer is a wonderful time to take time for reading. These are some books that you should consider putting on your 2014 summer reading list.

1. “the Fault in Our Stars”

“the Fault in Our Stars”

I just finished reading this book. I actually read it over our vacation and it's a wonderful choice for your 2014 summer reading list. It is about the ill-fated love between two teenagers dealing with cancer; Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. It is a story that draws you in and pulls at your heartstrings. It reminds you that love knows no age limit or no bounds.

“the Longest Ride”
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