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7 Books to Teach Your Kids How to Cook ...

By Alison

Would you like to get your kids interested in cooking? Teaching them how to cook is an essential life skill that too many people miss out on learning. One way to help them pick up cooking skills is to buy a cookbook for a young audience. These books aim to make cooking fun, which helps to get kids interested in the kitchen. So here are some books to teach your kids how to cook …

1 Kids Can Cook: Vegetarian Recipes

Kids Can Cook: Vegetarian

If you want to bring your kids up as vegetarians, here's a good book to start with. The author runs cookery classes for children, so she knows how to make the recipes appealing to young cooks. It's also a good book if you're not vegetarian yourself but your child has expressed an interest in changing to a vegetarian diet.

2 The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook

The Kids' Multicultural

If your kids are adventurous and like trying new and different foods, here's an interesting book for them to try. As well as containing recipes, it also teaches them about games and traditions from different countries.

3 Kids Cooking: a Very Slightly Messy Manual

Kids Cooking: a Very Slightly Messy

As good as it is to get your kids interested in cooking, there's no getting away from the fact that kids make a lot of mess when they're in the kitchen! Hence the title of this book. It's an ideal first cookery book for children, and is helpfully wipe-clean. So when your kids live up to the expectations of the author and make a mess, the cookbook won't suffer!

4 Salad People and More Real Recipes

Salad People and More Real

Here's another cookbook for very young kids (and their grown-up helpers). Children enjoy cooking if it's made fun for them; they like to make their food fun and colorful. So they can make recipes like Salad People and Tiny Tacos. They can even make focaccio, which may sound too ambitious for small children but uses ready-made pizza dough.

5 Taste of Home Kid-Approved Cookbook

Taste of Home Kid-Approved

If you're looking for a cookbook that appeals to different ages, this is the one. It divides recipes into age groups, so is perfect if you have children of different ages. The recipes may not be the healthiest, but it could be a good way of weaning your kids off store-bought foods and teaching them how to make homemade - and at least somewhat healthier versions - of their favorite foods.

6 Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals for Kids

Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals for

If your kids are convinced that cooking is boring, try using this book to convince them otherwise. Again, the chapters are divided into age groups, so it's easy to pick a recipe that's appropriate for your child's age. Rachael Ray has a show on the Food Network, so watch the show with your kids for some additional enthusiasm.

7 Pillsbury Fast and Healthy Meals for Kids

Pillsbury Fast and Healthy Meals for

Although the recipes may not be quite as healthy as the title claims (Bacon & Pineapple Pizza?), anything that can persuade kids to eat reasonably healthy meals is worth trying. Admittedly recipes like pizza and Macaroni Cheese are the kind of meals that kids love, and you can always tweak the recipes later to make them healthier.

Teaching your kids to cook is one of the most important skills you can teach them. It's surprising how many people make it into adulthood without having mastered basic recipes. So pick up one of these cookbooks and get cooking! What is your child's favorite food?

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