6. Matched Series by Ally Condie

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"Matched" comes as a trilogy set in a world where your perfect match is chosen for you based on DNA. This is in an effort to keep the human race from disintegrating into a bunch of useless junk DNA (see the movie, The Last Mimzy for a great story about that). Cassia, our main character, has always believed in the system until she starts falling for a guy that isn't her match.

The series follows the two as they struggle against the system. This trilogy really focuses more on the romance than on the unfair dystopian-ness of it all. Despite that, we do see and even fight some of the system flaws. It's a wonderful read and a beautiful romance.

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Now these are just a few of the great dystopian series out there and doesn't even touch on the standalone novels. If you're still hooked after finishing this list, there are plenty more out there to check out. Happy reading!

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