5. Unwind Series by Neal Shusterman

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Dark is the best word to describe this series. "Unwind" is a four book set in a word similar to ours. There came a second Civil War over reproductive rights.

To resolve the war, it is decided that between the age of 13 and 18, parents can volunteer their children to be β€œunwound.” Basically being β€œunwound” is like being an involuntary organ donor – where they harvest every inch of flesh while you're still awake and alert. The story follows a group of teenagers trying to escape the process and overthrow the system. Again, this series is dark. Without giving too much away, there is even a very detailed scene from the point of view of the teenager while being unwound. He is awake, alert, and unfeeling all the way from toes to eyeballs. However, there is romance, action, and more government-fighting, so go take a look if you can handle the dark.

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