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Whether or not you’re familiar with Greek mythology, there are mythical creatures that will spike your interest. The stories behind them are unique and it’s fascinating how they all fit together. The following mythical creatures are some of the most interesting in Greek mythology. Of course, there are tons of others that are equally awesome that you should look into.

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Phoenix Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Phoenix, one of the mythical creatures that is well known. It’s a bird that is reborn after every death it suffers through. It rises from its ashes and is a symbol in some religions, due to its similarity to Jesus’ resurrection. The Phoenix symbolizes change and renewal of oneself.



Sirens Sirens are gorgeous women who are incredibly dangerous. They sing beautiful melodies in order to lure sailors toward them. Once the sailors approach, they end up shipwrecked and in danger. Sirens appear in Homer’s Odyssey and many other Greek stories. Although it’s disputed, most agree that there are only three different Sirens. Others claim that the number lies somewhere between two and five.


These enchanting femme fatales harness the power of their voice to cast a spell over seafarers, often representing temptation and distraction. They've been referenced throughout antiquity as a symbol of perilous temptation, embodying the fears of what lies beyond the familiar shores and the risks of succumbing to sweet illusions. Despite history's enduring fascination with these mythical beings, their true nature and purpose in myth remain an alluring mystery, much like the deep waters they are said to inhabit.



Cerberus Everyone loves puppies, right? Cerberus is a dog with multiple heads that guards the Underworld. He assures that no one is able to escape their fate and sneaks out of their location. He’s depicted differently in different stories and illustrations. He’s typically shown with three heads, but has been shown with as many as 100.



Gorgons The most popular of the Gorgons is Medusa, which most people have heard of. They are three cursed sisters that have serpents for hair. Medusa is able to turn men into stone with a simple glance and Eurydale has a scream that is capable of killing another. Stheno is the oldest sister, who is the most vicious and commits the most murders. Two of the three are immortal, while Medusa is ultimately murdered by Perseus.



Pegasus If you’ve seen the Disney movie Hercules, you’ve heard of this mythical creature. Pegasus is a white horse with wings and is immortal. It is said that he was born from the neck of Medusa after she was beheaded by Perseus. Due to its beauty, there are many Greek paintings that feature the winged horse. There is also a constellation named after Pegasus.



Centaur Centaurs are sometimes known as hippocentaus and are one of the most popular mythologic creatures. They’re frequently referenced in television shows and movies. They have the body and legs of a horse, but the torso and head of a man. They represent untamed nature, because they have qualities of both humans and animals. They’re not only featured in Greek mythology, but in Roman mythology as well. Although they aren’t popular, there have been a few times where centaurs were depicted as women.



Amphisbaena If you’re scared of snakes, you’ll be terrified of Amphisbaena. It’s a snake with a head on both ends of its body. It’s an ant-eating serpent that was born from the blood of Medusa’s head during her death. The name comes from the origin ‘amphis,’ which means ‘both ways.’ Some people say that it moves by grasping one head with the other and rolling around.

If these creatures interest you, you should start reading the stories that contain them. Who is your favorite character from Greek mythology? What’s the story behind them?

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One more thing, the book \"Mythology\" by Edith Hamilton, is a great place to start for Greek mythology.

Did a school project on it

I love the picture of the Phoenix. I want to get a tattoo of one and this one is gorgeous.

The Luck Dragon! Never ending Story.

Bloody mary

The Odyssey is a good book to reference a lot of mythical creatures such as harpies and cyclopses. Actually I\'m not sure if they would be considered creatures due that they are children of the gods. But it is a good book and I recommend it !

What about hellhounds? Or the Drakon? MERMAIDS! Cyclops, unicorns, chimera. Sorry... PJO fangirl..

You should see the chimera it is amazing I do a school project


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