7. The Moth Diaries - Rachel Klein

The Moth Diaries - Rachel Klein

Ever since attending her private boarding school, Rebecca has kept a private diary with all of her thought inside. Life couldn't be better, she has a great groups of friends and one very best friend, Lucy, who are practically joined at the hip.

But one day a new girl arrives at their boarding school, Ernessa.

Rebecca can sense there's something different about her, starting with her deathly pale skin and odd manner...almost as though she's a modern-day vampire.

Ernessa befriends Lucy and others in the group, leaving Rebecca feeling both excluded and jealous. Ernessa is slowly but surely becoming more and more powerful, each and every day that she's there.

Rebecca must fight to save her best friend to maintain control as well as get to the bottom of Ernessa's scary and unsettling secret.

Every Last Word - Tamara Ireland Stone
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