6. Shift - Em Bailey

Shift - Em Bailey

Olive likes to blend into the background at school, trying to be invisible and stays under the radar. She keeps to herself and does her own thing, not bothering those around her.

Suddenly a new girl, Miranda, comes to her school. From the very beginning Olive can sense there's something different and not right about Miranda, and it's not long before she finds out she's actually a shape-shifter that takes on other people's personalities, completely draining them and taking their power in the process.

As Miranda befriends the most popular girl in school, things quickly start to change. The shape-shifting process starts with Miranda taking her place as queen of the school, then gradually the rest of her life until every aspect of it is hers.

There's another problem though...others are so transfixed by Miranda's popularity and glory that they don't see what's truly going on. They're blinded to what's unfolding right in front of them and the only person who can clearly see it is Olive.

Olive must uncover the truth about Miranda before it's too late. She'll face her worst nightmares as well as coming face to face with pressing issues from her past.

The Moth Diaries - Rachel Klein
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