5. Tough Love - Anne Cassidy

Tough Love - Anne Cassidy

Gina has always had a mad crush on 'the bad boy' called Tony who Gina is convinced she is in love with. One day, he looks her way and in doing so she forgets everything else in the world.

Her world quickly becomes all about him and it's not long before he dominates her life, every thought and action she has and done is with Tony in mind.

She adores him in every way possible but a part of her is wondering if all this is too good to be true...why would a bad boy like Tony (who could have anyone he wants) be looking at her? Tony has secrets, though and is not all good news.

One day a terrible crime is committed. Gina finds herself quickly getting dragged into a very serious situation along with Tony. Gradually her suspicions about him grow that he was directly involved.

Gina discovers what it means to do the right thing and knows that it's best to do this before it's too late.

Shift - Em Bailey
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