7 Websites That'll Teach You How to Write Fan Fiction ...


If you're a huge fan of a TV show, you need to find something to do during its hiatuses so you don't go crazy.

The best way to spend all that time without new episodes is to write episodes of your own.

Believe it or not, plenty of people are willing to read what you write, especially if you write about a show that is high in popularity.

Whether you're a fan fiction expert or are new to the world, here are a few websites that'll teach you how to write fan fiction:

1. Sycophant Hex

Sycophanthex.com contains a beginner's guide to fan fiction. It gives you advice on how to create a summary of your work, how to keep your characters in character, and how to show respect for the show or movie that you're creating a fan fiction from. Of course, it also emphasizes the importance of correct spelling and grammar, because no one wants to read a story littered with mistakes.2

2. Fan Fiction

Fanfiction.net has hundreds of stories for you to read about your favorite TV shows, movies, and novels. However, it also has a forum where you can discuss your process of writing with other writers. If you have a question you want answered, here's the place to pose it.

3. Fuel Your Writing

Fuelyourwriting.com gives you a bunch of little tips about writing fan fiction. It gives you advice about changing a character's personality, about letting music influence your writing, and about being creative without pushing the boundaries way too far. It's an interesting read, even for someone who isn't a writer.

4. Wiki How

Wikihow.com has advice for everything under the sun, so of course it has plenty of tips for fan fiction writers. The site provides a step by step guide about finding inspiration, writing your fan fiction, revising your fan fiction, and finally publishing it to a website. It has everything you could ever need.2

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