3. Be Tenacious

Thatโ€™s right. A girl must know how to stick to her gun. If JK Rowling, Stephen King or Stephanie Meyer gave up after their first or second attempt at landing a book deal, why, we might never have read all the great bestsellers theyโ€™ve given us over the years.

This point deserves some emphasis. Succeeding as a writer "ainโ€™t" for sissies, whether youโ€™re a man or a woman. If you canโ€™t commit to it, no matter the odds, or if youโ€™re looking to hit it big instantly, then back off.

Think Iโ€™m joking? Wait for when the rejection letters start piling in, or when after 6 months on Amazon your book hasnโ€™t gotten a single download.

Keep at It
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