Just J/K: Hogwarts 🏰 is Back on Our Radar 🙌 and Here's the Magical ✨ 411 ⚡️ ...


Oh, you thought Harry Potter ⚡️ was over, finished, done with? You thought 💬 we all had to be satisfied 😌 with Pottermore and a selection of one-off movies, short stories, and plays? Not so, my fellow Potterheads, not so at all. Back in August, Jo let all of us know j/k, our adventures at Hogwarts aren't over after all, and the world 🌏 (or the Harry Potter-loving portions of it, anyway) went insane. The books 📚 became available in September, but here it is October, and I haven't heard 👂 a lot about their actual contents. Have you? Since the witching season is upon us, it seems like as good a time 🕧 as easy to start dissecting these gifts from our goddess, J. K. Rowling.

1. These Are Ebooks, Not Book-books

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Okay, so that's not important to the plot, but since I have at least five 5️⃣ friends who accosted their local bookstore employees several times waiting for these lovely little stories to appear on shelves, I figure it can't hurt 😟 to start there. The good 👍 news is that this makes it much easier and more convenient to get your hands 👐 on them, so that's cool, right? You can head to Pottermore, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble to get your hands 👏🏻 – or thumbs or eyes 👀 or ears or whatever – on your copies.

They're Part of Pottermore Presents
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