7 Inspiring Books about Loving Life ...


There are thousands of books about loving life, and most of them tell you that happiness is a choice and you should make a conscious decision to make it your top priority.

Most books about loving life deliver the message that where you are today is where you are supposed to be, because you're meant to learn something from every experience.

If you're in need of a mood boost, check out on of these books that talk about loving life:

1. The Happiness Project


Gretchen Rubin wrote one of the most practical books about loving life.2

While the subject matter might seem intimidating - can you really spend a year actually trying to be happy?

- Rubin made it very simple for readers to understand that happiness is not a complicated formula of xs and ys, but a set of everyday habits that you can choose to do, or not do.

2. The Art of Happiness


I love this book because it tells us of our basic right to be happy.2

How many people actually forget that we have the right to happiness?

Millions, I bet.

Or else this world won't be this cruel!

American psychiatrist, Dr.

Howard Cutle, asked the Dalai Lama questions about happiness, and they are extensively recorded in this book.

3. Little Children


What you will find in this novel are stories of parents of toddlers who wake up each day doing one child-related activity after another.

I won't go too far in describing the whole book, but what I can tell you is that this book informs you about possibilities and consequences.2

It's a short book that you can finish overnight...

while the kids are off to Dreamland.

4. The Alchemist


Paulo Coelho has since published several books that became guidebooks in living peaceful, satisfied lives.

But I stick to The Alchemist because one, it's the first Coelho book I read;

two, it's short and can be read again and again;

and three, this is the book that taught me this line: "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I first read it when I was 18 and ten years later, I am still reading it...

and loving it!

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